run: ACIdentifier must contain only lower case alphanumeric characters plus “-._~/”

Just received this error when installing CoreOS from my Cloud-Config for setting up a bootcfg service in my test lab network.

rkt[1727]: image: using image from local store for image name
rkt[1727]: image: using image from local store for image name
rkt[1727]: run: ACIdentifier must contain only lower case alphanumeric characters plus "-._~/"
systemd[1]: bootcfg.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
systemd[1]: bootcfg.service: Unit entered failed state.
systemd[1]: bootcfg.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

If I ran the command manually everything works fine, but it seems that rkt – rocket had a problem starting as service or the service description.

ExecStart=/usr/bin/rkt run \
        --net=host \
        --mount volume=data,target=/var/lib/bootcfg \
        --volume data,kind=host,source=/home/core/bootcfg \
        -- -address= -log-level=debug -data-path=/var/lib/bootcfg 

Looks good and works, but there was one little mistake in the config above. Notice the little [[space]] behind the backslash ‘–volume data,kind=host,source=/home/core/bootcfg \ ‘.

[[space]] removed and error fixed!


Zimbra mail / smtp relay commandline

To set the global mail relay on zimbra via commandline:

zmprov mcf zimbraMtaRelayHost

Autostart Xen VM’s automatically Citrix / XenServer

After updating and adding the Citrix XenServers to a Resource Pool, I saw that the autostart option is missing from the Citrix XenServer interface.

Because we don’t have the HA license, we needed to start the VM’s manually every time the server went down. I know what you’re thinking, why does the server go down, but in Africa with all the Power Cuts and shitty equipment, sometimes the 2 x 5kW UPSes can’t hold up, and sometimes the circuit breaker popp’s out in the middle of the night, when no one is around.  I’m working on that.

Anyway to let the VM’s start automatically on a defined host after a crash, you could enable the autostart from the commandline:

replace the


with the actual UUID you find in

xe vm-list

under the server name.

reenable autostart with:

xe vm-param-set uuid=${uuid} other-config:auto_poweron=true

zimbra domain changeover / alias / migration

Working with Zimbra is always full of surprises, sometimes because everything is so complicated and sometimes because it is made really easy.

This time I have a very positive example how easy it could be.
At the moment I’m working for a company which recently, after more than 6 years of intensive research related e-mail communication, changed their name. So a bunch of things have to be ensured. First, that all e-mail send to the old mail are still received. For all ~300 users nothing changes (Configuration for zimbra desktop, mail clients, webmail, etc). Zimbra should mask the old domain to the new domain.

First we simply add an alias domain to the existing domain, this makes everyone reachable on both domains ( and

zmprov createAliasDomain zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress

Second we masquerade all outgoing mail traffic with the new domain. so gets changed to by the mailserver.

zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllAddress zimbraMailCatchAllCanonicalAddress

But of course this goes to fast for the local administration, so we need to write a SOP for that, consisting 3 papers that explain, that nothing changed for the users. They should just adjust their signature.
So we remove the automatic masquerading again, to add it after approval again 🙂

zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllAddress -zimbraMailCatchAllCanonicalAddress

Over all, really simple and easy (if you know where to look and for what)

Release 6.0.7_GA_2473.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 FOSS edition.


Citrix XenServer: Error code: INVALID_SOURCE Unable to Boot from CD/DVD

If you face the error after creating a VM, that it cannot boot any ISO or CD Image to install your system, probably the boot order is not correctly set.

To do it quick on the command line you can do it like this:

get the uuid of the VM:

xe vm-list |grep --before=1 micha
     uuid ( RO)           : 584b4a6f-6efe-37f7-c80d-8d445dcbdb61
     name-label ( RW): michas testserver

optional: check the boot parameter first

xe vm-param-list uuid=584b4a6f-6efe-37f7-c80d-8d445dcbdb61 |grep HVM-boot

now set the boot parameter:

xe vm-param-set uuid=584b4a6f-6efe-37f7-c80d-8d445dcbdb61 HVM-boot-policy=BIOS\ order HVM-boot-params:order=dc

Thats it! Enjoy


Xen Ubuntu 12.04 upgrade: Boot loader didn’t return any data!

Today I tried to update our xen virtual hosts to Ubuntu 12.04.

The message just says that the Boot loader doesnÄt return any data.

The problem relates to the grub2 boot loader, which updates the grub.cfg with



cause we don’t need any grub2 boot loader on our machines the simplest solution for this is to use grub1 instead of grub2.

aptitude -y purge grub2 grub-pc grub2-common && aptitude install grub

If you already have the problem that you cannot boot into your domain anymore you just have to mount the disk / image, chroot into it and execute the commands afterwards.
I’m using a libvirt pool with LVM, so for me its something like this:

kpartx -a /dev/vg0/
mount /dev/mapper/ /mnt
chroot /mnt
for i in /proc /sys /dev /run; do mount $i; done
aptitude -y purge grub2 grub-pc grub2-common && aptitude install grub
for i in /proc /sys /dev /run; do umount $i; done
umount /mnt
kpartx -d /dev/vg0/
virsh start

If you get some problems with the network that you cannot resolve any domain names, just override the resolvconf for the install.

mkdir -p /run/resolvconf
echo "nameserver" > /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf

Excel cannot copy formulas anymore

I mentioned a strange problem with one of our PC’s today.

Excel 2007 was not able to copy any formulas anymore, it just copied all the values but no formulas. Even with Paste Special you just had the option to copy text.

It turned out that the Skype Click to Call Plugin messes up the clipboard, so just closing the browser or uninstalling the Plugin did the trick.


Yamaha 2003 DT Lanza

Maybe not so related to all the programming stuff here, but everyone have to have some private life and some hobbies.

So I bought a small motorbike and sure I was looking for some parts and manuals which are kind of hard to find online. So I decided to post them.

handout from yamaha
Yamaha DT230 DT Lanza Service Manual
Yamaha DT230 DT Lanza N Owners Manual
Yamaha DT230 DT Lanza L Owners Manual
Lanza Parts Manual
Lanza N parts manual

You can find any Yamaha part numbers inside as well as how to fix nearly everything on your own!

Here are two pics of mine! 🙂

small trip near to mbeya


OpenERP 6.1 ubuntu

installation of dependencies

aptitude install postgresql postgresql-client python-dateutil python-feedparser \
python-gdata python-ldap python-libxslt1 python-lxml python-mako python-openid \
python-psycopg2 python-pybabel python-pychart python-pydot python-pyparsing \
python-reportlab python-tz python-vatnumber python-vobject python-webdav \
python-werkzeug python-xlwt python-yaml python-zsi python-simplejson

get 6.1 release


install 6.1 release

dpkg -i openerp_6.1-1-1_all.deb

create database role

su postgres
createuser --createdb --username postgres --no-createrole \
--no-superuser --pwprompt openerp

Go to:

–> Manage Databases

Master Password: admin


simple-facebook-connect Plugin for WordPress

If you recently face the problem that SFC doesn’t post automatically on your facebook page anymore.
And you get the error:

.../plugins/simple-facebook-connect/facebook-platform/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php on line 3112

Just turn of the facebook https redirection on Facebook.
Account settings -> security settings -> Secure browsing

otherwise SFC will be redirected to https and can’t handle the redirection properly.

I’m looking forward that this problem will be fixed soon.

Besides I’m sorry that I don’t have time anymore to post here anymore, but currently I’m in Tanzania for 1 year and will be back in November.